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As Commandant of the Philippine Coast Guard from 01 June 2008 to 22 April 2011, ADMIRAL WILFREDO D TAMAYO PCG exhibited exemplary dedication to his sworn duty as he carried out efficiently and effectively his immense duties and responsibilities. Endowed with high sense of responsibility, professional competence, and technical expertise, ADMIRAL TAMAYO successfully steered the Philippine Coast Guard towards new direction. Leading the PCG to the right course brings the organization the following landmark accomplishments:  

  • Setting new direction results to the enactment of Republic Act 9993, otherwise known as the Philippine Coast Guard Law of 2009.
  • Awarding of Quality Management System (QMS/ISO 9001:2008 Certification to the Coast Guard Action Center. This makes the PCG the second Coast Guard in the world to be awarded such certification.
  • Imbued with administrative and operational expertise, ADMIRAL TAMAYO effectively led five (5) Major Support Commands, ten (10) Districts, fifty-five (55) Stations, three (3) Sub-stations and two hundred seven (207) Detachments towards the virtual attainment of the President’s Zero Casualty Program and relatedly, the SOTC’s Zero Maritime Accident Program.

Latest News and Updates CLOSING CEREMONY OF BASIC NROTC CLASS 2018-2019

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Closing Ceremony of Basic NROTC CLASS 2018-2019 with LTCOL FILOMENO CARREON PN(M) (GSC), Commandant 279th NROTCU and CAPT Ruszell Apachecha, Dean of UPHSL CME on Apr 7, 2019.

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Today the CGADCV together with the 203rd Squadron Director of Bohol CDR IVY BULAYBULAY KUNG PCGA conducted a pre-orientation at the barangay hall of Mag Tong Tong on Pangangan island (Cdr Ivy was informed and asked for this event only yesterday). The meeting was coordinated by Sepe Tutor Mark Paul and Cdr Kung.

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To promote safety of life and property at sea, safeguard the marine environment and resources, enforce all applicable laws within the Philippine waters, assist in maritime security operations, conduct search and rescue, and perform other activities in support of national development.

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(Former Commandant of the Philippine Coast Guard)

Present Positions

Senior Executive Vice President for Maritime Affairs
University of Perpetual Help System
 - UPHS DALTA College of Maritime Education (Las Piñas Campus)
 - UPHS JONELTA College of Maritime Education (Biñan Campus)
 - UPHSL Maritime Training Center, Inc. (Cabuyao, Laguna)

Executive Director for International Student Affairs
 - University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (Las Piñas Campus)





  1. Education
  2. Major Positions Held at Philippine Coast Guard
  3.  Sea Duty Assignments on Board PN and PCG Vessels
  4.  Earlier Assignments with PN and PCG
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5 Things You Need To Know About Liposuction

Liposuction is a body contouring or sculpting procedure

Liposuction is a body contouring or sculpting procedure, not a weight losing or weight reduction treatment. Depending on the area or the number of areas to be liposuctioned, only 2000cc to 3000cc of fat can be safely removed.

Liposuction and Obesity
If you are obese, you may be considered as a high risk candidate and may not qualify to undergo liposuction. The reason for this is that chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart or coronary diseases, metabolic problems, etc. may be present. Effects of liposuction in obese may also not be appreciable. It is therefore recommended that patients with BMI of 30 or greater need to lose some weight to qualify to undergo Liposuction.

Skin Rippling
Overzealous removal of fats may result to skin “rippling”. This is caused by excess fat removal making the skin very thin (having less fat) and thus cannula tracks under it become visible (the rippling or multiple wave effect). In our Centre, we make sure this complication is avoided by removing only enough fat.

Safety in Liposuction
It will be more safe if your Cosmetic Surgeon is board certified and has a background in General Surgery on top of his fellowship in Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery. This will put the surgeon in good position to avoid intra-operative accident of abdominal penetration in tummy liposuction.
Liposuction Laboratory Exams
Several laboratory (blood exams) and ancillary procedures (X-ray and ECG) are usually requested by the cosmetic surgeon prior to liposuction. A cardio-pulmonary clearance from a cardiologist or pulmunologist is requested for those over 30 or 35 years of age. Those younger patients may undergo the same steps if the doctor find it necessary.


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Welcome to One of the leading and Best flower shops in Makati and Manila, Philippines. These is one of our flower arrangements. This flower set is available at your online Flower Shop in Makati.Flower Delivery is free on the selected areas in the Philippines. Free Flower Delivery at the following areas: Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Marikina, San Juan, Manila, Pateros, Taguig, Quezon City, Paranaque, Cainta Rizal, Taytay Rizal, Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Fairview, Novaliches, Las Piñas and Muntinlupa.

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Flower Patch opened on May 4, 2012 and is located at 38A Pearl St. corner C.Raymundo Ave. Doña Juana Subd. Rosario Pasig

Owners have complete understanding about flowers and in the industry due to decade of experience before Flower Patch. We are very confident of the quality of our flowers, designs and service. We see to it that we pay attention even to the tiniest detail and keep our designs presentable, elegant and dynamic to help customers nurture and enhance their relationships with the important people of their lives. Posted flower arrangements are all our actual designs and orders of our valued clients and were not downloaded from the internet.

We know how important it is to you that the flowers you send express your feeling and bring much appreciation from the recipient. We are determined to continue the tradition of flowers through innovative, contemporary, classy and good quality flower arrangements and exceptional customer service.

Flower Patch offers flower arrangements whether it is for a specific occasion, such as birthdays, a wedding, a funeral, an anniversary, inaugurals, Valentine’s day, mother's day, graduation day, a new baby, or whether it is just to say “Congratulations”, “Get well”, “Thank you”, “I miss you” or “I’m sorry”. 

What are the advances in hemorrhoids treatment?


Due to this reputation of being a painful operation, advances in hemorrhoid surgery have focused on making it less painful.  One such operation is stapled hemorrhoidectomy. Using a specially-designed, single-use stapler instrument (which was modified from the staplers used to reconnect intestines during major abdominal surgery), the hemorrhoids are excised and the anus repaired from the inside, something which is difficult to do with traditional surgery.  The end result is that the surgical wound is inside, and no wound is visible outside the anus. Scientific studies have proven that this is less painful than traditional surgery, although with a small recurrence rate.

Another advanced surgical technique is Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD).  Using a doppler ultrasound, the blood vessel supplying the hemorrhoid is identified and ligated with stitches.  Deprived of its blood supply, the hemorrhoid then shrinks and shrivels.   Again there is no wound outside and is therefore almost painless.  However, because it is a new technique, not very many studies evaluating its long-term effectiveness have come out.

 All surgical procedures for hemorrhoids, whether traditional or innovative, may sometimes develop complications such as bleeding, infection and stricture. It is important therefore when seeking treatment, to see an expert in anal diseases.

The term hemorrhoids are associated with the symptoms when this part of the body becomes enlarged, inflamed, thrombosed or prolapsed.

Many people have them without suffering from any symptoms, and therefore these may be safely left alone. Treatment is usually required for those whose hemorrhoidal symptoms such as excruciating throbbing pain affect quality of life and daily living. There are many traditional remedies and non-surgical treatments for hemorrhoids. However, if none of these work, surgical procedures may be required as a last resort.


How do hemorrhoids look and feel? 

Hemorrhoidal cushions are skin, vascular and soft tissues that line the anal canal, playing a small role in defecation and continence.  Everyone has them, although with our daily travails of straining and movement, they do change over time, becoming more lax or loose as we age. 

Hemorrhoidal disease occurs when these changes result in bothersome symptoms such as bleeding, prolapsed, or pain.  Almost everyone may develop symptoms at some point in their life, but these are not life-threatening, and may be safely observed. Treatment is usually required for those whose hemorrhoidal symptoms impact on quality of life and daily living.


What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? 

Bleeding from hemorrhoids is usually bright red, often dripping into the toilet bowl, or noticed when wiping. The stools themselves are normal looking, indicating that the bleeding is originating only from the anorectal area.  Sludge of dark blood and stool mixed thoroughly together is usually from a source within the small and large intestines and not hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidal bleeding is painless, and this differentiates it from anal fissures, which is also a very common anal condition that presents with similar bright red bleeding during defecation, but with anal pain.

Hemorrhoids only become painful when they thrombosed or incarcerated.  Thrombosed hemorrhoids occur when blood clots within the hemorrhoids, causing very obvious swelling and pain.  While surgery for this may be effective during the first 4 days of the attack, if left alone the swelling and pain gradually subside and disappear after 2 weeks.  Usually this occurs just once or twice in a person’s lifetime, and it is uncommon to have repeated episodes of thrombosis. 

Doctors often classify patients as to having either external or internal hemorrhoids.  External hemorrhoids are located just outside the anus, and hence are always visible on routine inspection.  Many people have them without suffering from any symptoms, and therefore these may be safely left alone.  Sometimes external hemorrhoids may make cleaning difficult, allowing sweat and anal discharge to hide between folds, resulting in anal itching.

Internal hemorrhoids arise from inside the anus and are therefore only visible when, because of excessive laxity, they protrude outside.  This condition is called prolapsed, and usually occurs during defecation.  When internal hemorrhoids prolapsed they may either slip back inside on their own, or require manipulation by the person for it goes back in.  When the prolapsed hemorrhoids cannot be returned, they become trapped outside, resulting in pain and swelling.  This scenario is called incarcerated hemorrhoids.


What are the forms of treatment for hemorrhoids– surgical and non-surgical? 

Hemorrhoids only require treatment when there are symptoms.  And the type of treatment depends on the severity of symptoms.  Mild symptoms may be managed just by eating a lot of fiber and taking in bulk laxatives such as psyllium to improve the consistency of stools and ease bowel movement.  Some over-the-counter creams may provide symptomatic relief.

Non-surgical and almost painless treatments for hemorrhoids include injection sclerotherapy, infrared photocoagulation (often mislabeled as “laser treatment”), and rubber band ligation, any of which can be done safely in the clinic as an out-patient procedure.  In scientific studies comparing these methods, rubber band ligation was found to be the most effective and cheap, which is why it is the most common non-surgical procedure for hemorrhoids in the world today.

Non-surgical treatment is often ineffective for large, incarcerated or thrombosed hemorrhoids.  Surgery is usually recommended in these situations, and also when non-surgical treatment has failed to relieve symptoms.  Traditional surgery requires cutting out the hemorrhoid using a variety of instruments such as scissors, knives, cautery, and ultrasonic dissectors. Unfortunately, any wound created in the outer skin of the anus results in often Sever post-operative pain, which is responsible for the reputation of hemorrhoid surgery being one of the most painful of operations.


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Floor Podium Building, The Medical City

Contact Us: 988-1000 local 7789

What's New
  • Angus Pure and Natural
    Angus Pure and NaturalWe at A.G.D. are happy to introduce to you the most awarded beef in Australia, Angus Pure and Natural by T & R Pastoral. You can be assured that Angus Pure is free from growth hormones, antibiotics and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and is a completely 100% pure and natural “as nature intended.”
  The secret to providing consistently beautiful tasting beef…
  • Morelli Pasta with Wheat Germ
    Morelli Pasta with Wheat GermPasta with Wheat Germ is one of the most unique and healthy kinds of pasta. The secret lies in the Wheat Germ that is combined with the best semolina.   It has high level of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, and Vitamin D, that prevents cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol. Those who have tried Pasta…
  • La Fiammante
    La Fiammante  New, Enriched Italian Tomatoes Tomatoes being one of the essential ingredients in Italian cuisine, we believe that quality is of paramount importance and our range of La Fiammante tomato products offers both quality and consistency throughout the entire range. We take natural tomatoes from the region of “Puglia” and process them in Buccino (SA). From the foothills overlooked by Mount…
  • Taste of True Italian
    Taste of True Italian     Like most aspects of Italian gastronomy, there is more that meets the eye when dealing with Italian hams, known as Prosicutto.  While there are 2 types of Prosciutto (cooked and raw), most non-Italians think of the uncooked, air cured variety known as Prosicutto Crudo.  This type of ham has been made in Italy since Roman times, the name…
  • Protected Designations of Origin
    Protected Designations of Origin     The Appellation d’Origine Controlee mark guarantees, amongst other things, that the cheese originates from a specific region in France and has been produced in a traditional way.  Four main criteria have been precisely laid down for AOC cheeses:  the origin of the cheese is from a geographically precise region, e.g. a municipality or a district.  The milk must…
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S & L Fine Foods and sinan butchery.


Barista Choi is a company in the Philippines that originated in 2012. The owner is Mr. Joel Chua, a Chinese Filipino business man who believes in three basic needs: free enterprise, guidance, and the power of coffee in the morning, lunch, evening, and even dawn. Mr chua is not just a businessman but a family man. He believes that sharing precious moments with his family and friends strengthens their bonds, especially with a cup of coffee to go around. With this in mind and heart, Barista Choi came about.


A business that has minimum investment (low capital), easy to operate, and no franchise fees, has a guaranteed daily income. This business is for the common Juan and loved by all of Juan. That is why, here at Barista Choi, we carry the ideals of strong family ties, helping one another, while having a cup of affordable, delicious coffee.





Unit Price


Coffee Vending Machine

1 unit


Php 12,000

Php 12,000

Barista Choi Coffee Powder

1 kilo / pack


Php 170

Php 170

Barista Choi Choco Powder

1 kilo / pack


Php 170

Php 170

Barista Choi Caramel Powder

1 kilo / pack


Php 170

Php 170

Barista Choi 6.5 oz Paper Cups

300 pcs.


Php 210

Php 210




Barista Choi Coffee Pinoy Blend

Php 170 / kg

Barista Choi Milky Choco Loco

Php 170 / kg

Barista Choi Caramel Macchiato

Php 170 / kg

Barista Choi Mocha Cappuccino

Php 170 / kg

Barista Choi Creamy Milk Tea

Php 170 / kg

Barista Choi Coffee White

Php 170 / kg


Coffee Vending Machine Business

  • No Franchise fee
  • Guaranteed daily income
  • Easy to operate
  • Lowest capital to start business

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Coffee Vending Machine | Coffee Vendo Machine


Our coffee vending machine edge

We are the first in the country to introduce the coffee vendo machine or coffee vending machine concept. Per cup of the coffee cost only five pesos. We saw opportunity in Filipino's love for coffee and how they value every peso’s in their pocket

Barista choi is available for you nationwide. May it be supplies, maintenance, support, repairs and even a friend to talk to, now you know why we choose barista as our name. In barista choi we know how important your business is to you, we know how critical response time is, especially if support is needed. We know that in person is still the best, even compared to personal. We know what you want and we even anticipated what you need.

Come and visit our 100 distributors, 100 resellers and 100 branches all for you.

Who we are

Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a growing company

Born in 2010. Among the products offered by the company are coffee vendo machine /s, coffee vending machine and powdered flavors like coffee, Chocó and caramel. Aiming to have more than 100 distributors nationwide, Joel Chua, the creative mind behind the mushrooming coffee vendo machine everywhere is positioning Barista Choi to its peak. Located in strategic points with dense population and belonging to the B to E market segment, the company is achieving its market recognition.

Barista Choi offers coffee vendo machine /s or coffee vending machine /s to target market such as bakeries, sari-sari stores, transport terminals, hospitals and more. The management expands through setting up of distribution centers. The distribution centers became Barista Choi's volume customers and they are the ones who deal with the resellers, agents and end consumers.

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Flower Shops in Makati



Flower Patch virtual shops in Makati, offers free delivery in metro manila included is the city of Makati, So if you’re thinking of sending flowers either to persons close to your heart or to VIP individuals or clients in the area of Makati, you may consider flower patch as if the one of the flower shops in Makati that provides not only fresh and beautiful flowers but flowers that are also artistically and elegantly arranged.

With our free delivery service, fresh and elegant products and just a call away from the city of Makati it’s like Flower Patch is in the area and one of the flower shops in Makati.

Flower Shops in Makati, We send what’s in your heart

­­­­Products and services:

$1Ø  Bouquet Arrangement

$1Ø  Basket and Vase Arrangement

$1Ø  Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

$1Ø  Floral arrangements for special occasions like, inauguration, wedding, new baby, debut, party or corporate event.

$1Ø  Floral arrangements just to say “Congratulations”, “Get well”, “Thank you”, “I miss you” or “I’m sorry”.

$1Ø  Flower delivery


Continue to grow a profitable business

Consumers’ top choice flower shop


To offer good quality flowers, classy design arrangements and gifts for any occasion.

To help our customers enhance and nurture their relationships.

To provide exceptional customer service, to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers.

To make every no occasion and special occasion more beautiful, memorable and enjoyable.

Contact details:

Address: 38A Pearl St. Cor. C. Raymundo Ave. Doña Juana Subdivision, Rosario Pasig

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Landline: (02) 466-3400

Globe: 0915-583-1353

Sun: 0922-351-0255

Smart: 0908-723-1337

For more information, please follows at

Bulacan Resorts




Welcome to Bulacan Resorts official Web site.


Galilee Wonderland - Waterpark and Hotel takes pride of its 8-hectare magnificent setting just at the heart of San Pedro, Bustos, Bulacan. A little above 40-minute drive away from the bustling life of the cosmopolitan, hidden wonders of perfectly carved swimming pools and soothing ambiance of this promising destination await your every step, smile and laughter.

Galilee Bulacan Resorts demonstrates its accommodation facilities and indulgent amenities in scriptural overtones as they are named after biblical terminologies, like the resort’s brand itself, thereby paving way for a more calm and gentle milieu. The warm hospitability of its staff and the delectable cuisine complete your finest experience. Galilee would also like to take part of making memories of your special occasions and corporate undertakings through its prepared, luxurious and worth-reminiscing function venues just for you.

It defines your moments, relaxation, fun and recreation by its own benchmark of truly picturesque scenery and on top, is its way of treasuring your stay – an experience more than meets the eye.




Rarely do people set out grand ideas and gather massive collection of successes instantly, rather, those façade of greatness started rolling on from little vision and small steps of courage and sheer determination.

The same is true for Galilee Wonderland - Waterpark and Hotel - Bulacan Resorts.

The crisp of the morning dews, tenderness of the alluring sunset and the serenity of chaste plains embraced the 5th day of March 2004, marking the establishment of Galilee Bulacan Resorts on a 3-hectare land, blessed and appointed to gratify the prominence of the graces of the Almighty. Three (3) swimming pools (Ark of Covenant, Jordan River and Pools of Siloam) were carved out, which, by then, primarily cater water baptisms. These devout undertakings are celebrated through simple fellowships under the shelter of Gethsemane Hall, just within the vicinity.

The leaves of time turned just fine for Galilee Bulacan Resorts, it continues to grow and now expanding its business engagements and sow investments to fortify its vision of becoming one of Bulacan’s top destinations. The advent of Galilee Mansion and the mushrooming of several other pools, cottages and other facilities and amenities in Galilee prove its growth thereby establishing its name right on the spot of the Philippine Resort Industry.


Our Name  

The term Galilee (gal’ih lee) as defined by Fausset, means “circle” or “region”, in the Biblical context, the same term was used prior to Israel’s conquest, being mentioned in Egyptian records, which is also referred to where Jesus devoted most of His earthly ministries.

Our Service Standards

As part and parcel of our greater vision of fostering our growth in the competitive market, Galilee seals every experience of every guest with love and utmost hospitality. Our staff is naturally caring and trained to continuously explore customer service to guarantee satisfaction of our guests during their stay, thereby making their every visit a memory worth remembering.

Community Support

Being a service-oriented industry, a good number of people are therefore necessary to cater the needs of our clienteles. Currently, Galilee helps its direct communities through employment generation, in fact, 29 are regular employees, distributed from the Administrative Office, Life Guards, Maintenance Team, to Construction works. During peak seasons like summer and yuletide, more manpower are employed thereby increasing the quality of life of several families.

Bulacan Resorts Pools of Siloan

$1Ø  Biblical History – “Siloan” is a Hebrew word meaning “Sent One”. Thos pool is a sent one which symbolized blessings of God when the man was healed as he washed his eyes to this pool.

$1Ø  Two (2) covered Jacuzzi pools that is located beside the Jordan River and the Ark of Covenant.

$1Ø  The 35 square meters pool beside the Jordan River has 3ft water level and a 20 square meters pool beside the Ark of Covenant has 2ft water level.

$1Ø  This Bulacan Resorts pool is commonly use for baptism.

Bulacan Resorts the Jordan River

$1Ø  Biblical History – Jesus came to the Jordan River where He baptized by John the Baptist. This event conclude with the heavens opening, a dove-like descent Holy Spirit and a Voice from Heaven saying “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased”

$1Ø  A 380 square meters adult pool which has 4 to 5 feet water.

Bulacan Resorts the Ark of Covenant

$1Ø  Biblical History – the ARK is a chest containing tablet of stone on which Ten Commandments were inscribed. The ark was built at the command of God, where He communicated with Mosses “from between the two cherubim” on the ARK’s cover.

$1Ø  A 420 square meters kiddies’ which has 3ft. water level.

$1Ø  A perfect place for enjoyment of the Children.

The Garden of Eden at Bulacan Resorts

$1Ø  Biblical History – The place where the first man, Adam and his wife, Eve, lived after they created by God. The image of the garden also creates a location for human love.

$1Ø  A private garden that can cater all kinds of events like weddings, birthdays, baptismal, team buildings, etc.

$1Ø  It can accommodate as much as 800 to 1000 guests.

$1Ø  It has its own 259 square meters private pools which has 3 to 5ft water level.

Bulacan Resorts The Gethsemane Hall

$1Ø  Biblical History – the place where Jesus and his disciples are said, have prayed the night before Jesus crucifixion.

$1Ø  A multi-purpose hall that can accommodate 800 to 1000 persons.

$1Ø  Bulacan Resorts House of Genesis

$1Ø  Biblical History – Genesis is the foundation of the whole bible. It is the beginning, the why, the first promise.

$1Ø  An eight (8) air-conditioned rooms which can be used by our guest to have a good stay and rest after enjoying and delightful experience at the resort.

$1Ø  Each room can accommodate maximum of 5 persons.

$1Ø  Each 14 square meters room has 2 single beds, colored television, 1 small table, 2 chairs, 1 dresser and 1 small cabinet.


Room Type

No. of Units

Room Rate


Suite Room




Standard Room







16 Pax

Extra person charge – Php 500.00

Complimentary breakfast

Complimentary day and night swimming

Check-in Time: 2:00 pm / Check-out Time: 12:00 nn

Rates are subject to 5% service charge




Extension Fee

King Solomon

(Max of 100 pax)



P1,500.00 per hour

King David Hall

(Max of 200 pax)


P10,000.00 half

P2,000.00 per hour


Swimming Time

Adult Entrance Fee

Kids (4ft below Entrance Rate)

Day Swimming

(8:00am – 5:00pm)



Night Swimming

(5:00pm – 11:00pm)



Overnight Swimming

(5:00pm – 2:00am



Room Type

No. of Units

Room Rate

Day Time (8am-12nn)

Overnight Rate



House of Genesis



Entrance Fee


Free Entrance Fee


House of Eden

A.)Family Room

B.)Barkada Room



P3,500.00 +

Entrance fee


Entrance Fee


Free Entrance Fee


Free Entrance



House of Noah



Entrance Fee




Genesis Cottages

Max. Capacity



15 pax


Upper Cottage

50-100 pax

P2,000.00 – P4,000.00

Garden Cottage

15 pax


Genesis Cottages

Max. Capacity



15 pax

P750.00 – P1,000.00

Upper Cottage

30 pax

60 pax

90 – 100 pax






4 Hrs use

Extension Fee

Wave Pool Upper Pavilion



Wave Pool lower Pavilion



Gethsemane Hall

Day Time

Night Time






Entrance Fee Rates


Kids ( 4 ft below )

Day Swimming (8am-5pm)


Php 180.00

Night Swimming (3pm-11pm)


Php 180.00

Overnight Swimming (9pm-2am)


Php 180.00

15 pax – Free of Charge 1 pax / Discounted Rates for group tours.




Umbrella Nipa Hut

Maximum of 15 pax

Php 500.00

Big Nipa Hut

Maximum of 15 pax

Php 500.00

Semi Concrete Cottage

Maximum of 15 pax

Php 500.00

Concrete Cottage

Maximum of 15 pax

Php 500.00

½ Upper Cottage

Maximum of 50 pax

Php 2,000.00

Whole Upper Cottage

Maximum of 100 pax

Php 4,000.00

Manila Line: (02) 299-8149
Waterpark: (044) 617-1587
Mobile Numbers: 09228743351/09228486032/09175488008
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Look for: Mr. Randi Espra or Ms. Weng Cruz
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Coffee Vending Machine Business


The Barista Choi coffee vending machine business provides its products to it clients through a simple dispensing machine and a single five-peso coin. Total initial investment that will be needed in order to start this business is 12,720.00. Expenses involved inoperating and maintaining the business are Coffee – Barista Choi Powder Mix @ 170/kilo (85 to 90 kilos cups),Water – 5 gallon, Barista Choi Paper Cups @ 0.65/pc, Electricity – to run the machine and Rental – if needed.


Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a fast-growing company established in 2010.Aiming to have more than 100 distributors nationwide, Barista Choi Vending Solutions, Inc. is carefully positioning Barista Choi and elevating it to be the leading coffee vending machine business.

The primary products offered by the company are a coffee vending machine and specially formulated powdered coffee flavors.

Available at strategic locations characterised by dense populations of a wide market segment, the company has achieved market recognition for being an aggressively growing business. Barista Choi offers coffee vending machine business opportunities to target markets such as bakeries, sari-sari stores, transport terminals, hospitals and more, as an additional profit generating opportunity complimenting existing businesses and service providers.

Filipino Coffee Culture 

The topic of COFFEE is endless. The experience of COFFEE is infinite. But each specific aspect of COFFEE is as distinct as the role coffee plays in our culture. It is part of everyday life for the Filipino. From breakfast, to lunch, to dinner - the taste, the aroma, and the appearance is felt and experienced. The enjoyment of the conversation between friends, colleagues and couples is often over a cup of coffee. Regardless of the activity, coffee allows us to savour the moments even more.

According to research, coffee is the second highest consumed beverage in the Philippines next to water. Each day 21,600,000 cups of coffee are consumed, thats 250 cups a second.That’s a lot of coffee, a lot of conversations, and a lot of good memories to drink to.

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