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Antipolo Hotel Resort Convention wedding Center
Antipolo hotel | About Cloud 9

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“Experience exceptional service and accommodations

on the nine… only at

Cloud 9 Sports & Leisure Club”






Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club has grown to become the highest point in Antipolo, composing of three structures that altogether consist of 78 rooms and housing 2 relaxing swimming pools, 7 different venue halls, and numerous amenities. Cloud 9 also houses the biggest mural painting in Antipolo sizing up to 13 feet in height and 29 feet in length. Mr. Othoniel M. Neri was the artist who created the painting and many more that can be viewed in the Cloud 9 Art Gallery. Cloud 9 also provides services and venue for seminars, weddings, debuts and other occasions. Without a doubt, Cloud 9 will be able to achieve more than it already has as it seeks to improve its service to guests and the amenities it has to offer.




Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club owned by Dr. Potenciano R. Malvar and Mrs. Lourdes C. Malvar, has been in the hotel and restaurant business for over 15 years. Starting as a humble restaurant in 1995, hotel rooms and venues accommodations soon followed. Realizing the potential of the mountain side that visitors far and wide are willing to visit just for the amazing view, Cloud 9 slowly grew.





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